Instagram Social media marketing is seeing many business owners create their Instagram account, which has a feature that helps business owners optimise their Instagram Marketing campaign. Called Insights, it’s an analysis tool that gives an IG user information about the audience viewing his post. This tool is accessible only to business owners using the Instagram mobile app, while the insight info is available for every post.

What Makes Insights Useful for Business Accounts

Through the Insights feature, business entities promoting their brand via Instagram no longer have to rely on guess work when crafting content to post in IG. The feature has a summary of metrics indicating how your posts has been performing across all followers

While it’s important for you to identify your target audience, Insights will give you data indicating the number and type of audience a post is reaching. However, information about demographics depends on the information indicated by a Facebook or Instagram user in his profile. Collecting data about the kind of audience being reached will let you know if your target audiences
are viewing your Reels or your Stories.

Develop a Voice Brand to Help Your Target Audience Find You

A good brand voice immediately communicates to consumers the problem it can olve, the lifestyle it supports, the demographics affected if the product expands to reach other geolocations to challenge competitors.

Social Media marketing A brand voice is what your posts say about your business and how consumers react when your posts talk about brand of product. Brand voice is a reflection of your business personality, which can be as simple as denoting family-oriented like Disney or related to all kinds of sports activities like Nike.

Consistency is an Influencing Factor in Instagram Marketing

In everything you do it’s important to apply consistency, especially if your goal is to increase revenue. What your posts say and how your voice brand projects the identity of your business, can have a strong influence on a person’s shopping choices. That’s why it’s equally important to make sure your brand voice is consistent in every marketing post in any kind of social media platform .
Instagram’s Feed Rating System will include data that are consistently provided as Insights . Posts need to maintain consistency even in fonts and colours gram feed to colours and fonts, which is why it’s important to plan your Instagram Marketing to make sure everything will appear consistent.