It does not matter if the world has a finite or infinite past, is infinite or finite in size, or is a single universe or multiverse, as we still have the question of why it exists to it when it might not have.  This specialization has come about because our theories about the world are becoming so complex that researchers can only study very specialized areas of science.


I am reminded of a famous story about blind men invited to feel an elephant. They all gave different descriptions as perceived by their sense of touch and the part of the elephant they touched. Mathematics has come to play a fundamental role in our scientific theories, especially those relating to some of our most fundamental theories in physics that underlie all physical, chemical, biological, neurological or cerebral processes.


The reader may be surprised to find that mathematics is not really about real things. Mathematics talks about straight lines, triangles, planes, circles and spheres, but these are defined mathematically as perfect structures that may not actually exist, or if they did we would have no way of determining if they were perfect as we don’t know how to make perfect measurements.