The idea of a rational cosmos is an ancient one. However, as we shall see, it was Christianity that revitalized the idea by acknowledging that God made the universe according to divine reason so that the universe is therefore a logical and rational place, and we can come to understand it as we are made in the image of God.


This means that in a small way we have the power to reason and comprehend the universe, and thus achieve certain goals. David Glass, physicist and philosopher. We shall look at two aspects of the role of mathematics, first in nature and then in science. As a mathematician and one who has been hooked on mathematics from my early teens, I often wonder where my ideas come from. Mathematics seems to have a life of its own and it has its own language, as with other subjects.


Science writer Philip Ball in a three volume set demonstrates in many ways examples are hexagonal crystals, water and sand flows, branches in trees, formation of cracks, to name a few that structure and mathematics underlay nature because of physics and chemistry. The numbers are also related to the so called “golden ratio” or “golden proportion”.