There are those who would say that science is the source of all truth. However that is a self-defeating or self-refuting philosophical assumption as the statement itself cannot be tested by the scientific method. George Ellis, eminent physicist and mathematician, when interviewed said: “The belief that all of reality can be fully comprehended in terms of physics and the equations of physics is a fantasy.”


One of the problems is to distinguish between science and philosophy. Ellis says, “You cannot do physics or cosmology without an assumed philosophical basis”, so that some skeptics who are not philosophers present “scientific” ideas that are purely philosophical without any evidential foundation. This is particularly true with cosmology.


As already indicated, the so called laws of nature are intelligible and discoverable by beings with our level of intelligence, which suggests a providential purpose for humankind. We seem to be designed to do science.  We can then go a step further and consider an abstract triangle that has perfectly straight lines as sides. If we know the exact lengths of the sides of the triangle and the exact angles at each corner we are able to derive various mathematical formulae about the triangle such as its area.