We need order for intelligent beings to exist, but there will no doubt be some things we find difficult to understand, as any God who has the power to create the universe would have ways and thoughts higher than our ways and thoughts. As we shall see later, quantum mechanics as it is currently theorized fits into this difficult category where ideas are nonintuitive, though a more intelligible theory may one day replace it.


There are examples in nature such as the lily with three petals, buttercup and wild rose with five petals, delphiniums with eight petals, cineraria and ragwort with thirteen petals, aster and chicory with twenty-one, plantain and pyrethrum with thirty four, mekhelas daisies and the Asteraceae family with 55 and 89 petals respectively, and many more plants showing numbers from the sequence in their leaves, growth patterns, branches, and in some cases spiral patterns.


The golden ratio appears in animals and humans, for example in our finger digits, the lengths of our forearm and hand, measurements on our four front teeth, eye width and distance between eyes, and heart rhythms. With the ratio, the proportion of the smaller part to the greater is the same as the proportion of the greater.